Blades Complete LJF Signing?

03 December 2013 06:32
If social media tool Twitter is to ever be believed then according to one time Sheffield United striker Vincent Pericard the Blades have re-signed former defender Lescinel Jean-Francois.

Pericard, who joined Sheffield United on loan from Portsmouth during our 2005/06 promotion winning campaign to the Premiership has used the power of twitter to announce the signature of Lescinel Jean-Francois who was released by the Blades this summer after spending more than a year sidelined through injury.

The former Juventus forward revealed on his account;'@Lescinel_JF Welcome back in England. I hope this time success is awaiting for you on the pitch with Sheffield United! God Bless.'

If it is correct then you heard it hear first but we await the official announcment on before it can be confirmed (or denied).

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Source: Blades-Mad