Sevilla still to pay wages from 2011/12

13 February 2013 06:47

Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido has revealed that there are wages still outstanding to players from last season.

However, Del Nido claimed that despite their financial problems "90 per cent of Spanish sporting entities" would want to be in Sevilla's position.

"Of the 42 million euros, which is the total figure of the squad's salaries for 2011/12, there remains to be paid 3.25 million which isn't even 8 per cent," he told the club's website.

"Ninety per cent of sporting entities in this country would like to be in Sevilla's financial position.

"The timetable of payments means that all the outstanding money will be paid off by a determined date within the next five months."

Del Nido also addressed the controversial topic of kick-off times in La Liga and believes his club are unfairly treated due to the number of Monday nights they have played on in the past two seasons.

"More than 90 per cent of the season ticket holders under 14 attended the (Sunday afternoon) game against Rayo.

"When the game is on a Monday no more than 30 percent come. This shows that these ungodly kick-off times that Sevilla regularly have to play at will end our supporter base.

"It is not that we have sold our soul to the devil, it is that we don't have any other option than to do so because the television rights are 70 per cent of our ordinary income. What we have to try and do though is ensure we are all treated the same way."

Source: AFP