Wharton: Fans will take to Hobson

11 January 2013 10:53
Iron Chairman Steve Wharton thinks that fans will take to new director Dennis Hobson and stresses he is a quality addition to the boardroom.

Wharton, who will step down at the end of the financial year, has been searching for a successor for over a year and stressed it was important to get some new blood on board.

"He's obviously a very charismatic type of person, he's got a number of good contacts and has been very successful in what he's doing. Hopefully he can bring that to the board", he told the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

"I think it was very important we got someone new on the board.

"He met with Keith Wagstaff, one of our directors, following an introduction from Tony Daws and Keith was very taken with him.

"When you meet him you can see he's a likeable, charismatic type of person and I'm sure the fans will take to him."

Wharton however reiterated Hobson's earlier comments that he will not be pumping money into the club. 

"He's trying to help us raise  more income in sponsorship, which in turn will help us put more money in the team.

"He's said himself, he's not going to wave a magic wand but he's got qualities he can bring to the board and I'm sure he will. It's always encouraging to get some quality on the board."



Source: Iron-Bru.net