Swann: Not the time for rash decisions

02 September 2013 08:25
Peter Swann has issued another statement after Saturday's disappointing draw with Newport County.

Well I feel we certainly have left something behind in August, however, that is exactly what we should do, leave it behind. Anybody who knows me realises that I am an optimist and my glass is always half full, rather than half empty, but it does not make it any easier when things go wrong and do not quite click. We as a board and myself as Chairman, feel we have the players and Management team to be successful this season and it is important that we ensure they have every opportunity to get things right. If we do not, what was the point of backing them in the first place, bringing them in quickly and then after just 5 games asking for their heads? I really do believe these players and management team are giving you, the fans, everything they have, but are just missing that final piece of the jigsaw. A final piece I know they will get right. We have a good mix of young talent and older heads and an excellent feeling in the dressing room and on the training pitch. I have begun to get to know them and as I do, it is quite clear they are very proud to represent this club. What I would like us to do is give that support back as fans and try and forget the negatives and focus on lifting the players and Management at home games.

Booing them gets us all nowhere and although I can understand your frustrations at the recent results, I really want you to get behind the team. We are starting again, building a new side with new ambitions and trying to make Glanford Park a difficult place to come too for opposing teams. That has not happened in recent times and will not happen overnight, so we ask for your patience. We will need to add to the squad now and again as injuries and suspensions kick in, be this with loans or new signings and I have full confidence in the managements ability to identify these potential players. These will play an important part in the season and be integral in our ambition to succeed and compete. Hopefully we will look back at this and see it as our worst month for points, a month where we all woke up and realised we could only be successful, if we pull together, as a club. It is a month we can not repeat if we are to challenge for the rest of the season and I am fully aware of that. I am listening to your concerns, I understand your concerns and I will not ignore them, but now is not the time for rash decisions or for giving up. This is a time to stand by each other and drive the club to success and the thing we ask, of you the fans, is to turn up, support your team vocally. To try and stop the negativity is never easy, especially as the club has been on a slide, but I assure you that if you bring that positive vibe to the ground these players will deliver the goods and get it right, as I will deliver the goods as Chairman and that's a promise.   Peter Swann Chairman

Source: Iron-Bru.net