Swann: No second chances

19 November 2013 09:45
Peter Swann releases a statement ahead of the Iron's FA Cup replay with local rivals Grimsby Town. Firstly, I would like to thank all the fans and everyone who contributed to the “Team Verrico” appeal on Saturday.

When something like this happens to any family, the courage and strength shown by them is astounding and I am very proud that we could do something for them. It always amazes me in this country how generous people are, even when things are tight at home and to show my appreciation for raising £1,500 on the day, I will match that, which will make the contribution £3,000.   On the football side, we have struggled for that consistency and performance level - culminating in a poor defeat at the weekend. The Management and the team know what they need to do to change it and I assure you it will be addressed, it has to be addressed, starting with tonight. There is a positivity they can bounce back, we have done it before, we can do it again and I am sure we are all 100 per cent behind them.   Rallying call? Absolutely!   Let’s put everything behind us for 90 minutes and concentrate on this one game, as your support is going to be crucial. I am not asking you to forget anything, but focus on tonight, for the lads. When that first pass goes astray or we don’t quite get something right, the players will sort it and all I ask is we give them a chance to do that, over the course of the game. This is more than three points, this is more than just another match, this is our Derby and the rewards are plain to see. We are at home and we need to make it feel like home and the only way we can do it is by all pulling together and pushing the team forward. If we go out and play our best football we will win, if we go out and play with passion, we will win. Whatever it takes we need to be brave and we have to want to win and that’s where you come in. Do not get drowned out by the away support, let the players hear you, they will respond, there is no second chance.   Up the Iron   Peter Swann Chairman

Source: Iron-Bru.net


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