Swann: Club to run poll over 2D fist

17 September 2013 12:53
Peter Swann has hinted the Iron will tie in a return to the unity fist with a move to a new ground- if the fans wan't it back.

Iron-Bru.net conducted a poll at the end of last season's campaign and a return to the 2D unity fist, which is used widely by the club's many supporters groups was favoured. 

76% of users voted for the return of the Unity fist, 20% weren't interested in a change and the remaining 4% stated that they would prefer a totally new design.

Peter Swann told the Official Website: "A couple of polls have already been done, and I think the Iron Trust have conducted one.

"I think there needs to be a larger poll amongst all our supporters.

"This links into the possibilities of moving. If we move to a new stadium, wouldn’t it be great to get the crest issue sorted out for the move, so it could be put on the new stadium.

"The fans are going to be talked to over the move and what they would like to see in the stadium, and the crest is an important part of that.

"It all goes hand-in-hand"


Source: Iron-Bru.net