Pompey's Sam will 'smash' Akpo

05 February 2013 10:18
Portsmouth defender Sam Sodje says he is ready to 'smash' his brother Akpo when they clash tonight.

Sam has never played against Akpo, but the 33-year-old has warned there will be no love lost during the game.

"Because of the way I play I will just see him as another striker, which I'm paid to do. I'll probably just go through him and do what I have to do. I just hope he'll be OK," he said.

"I won't look at him as my brother on the pitch and I think he will do similar as well. He is a strong boy but I don't worry about that.

"The brotherly love will still be there, I just hope he knows I will not look at him as a brother in a tackle."


Source: Iron-Bru.net