Police make Grimsby statement

15 November 2013 01:08
Humberside Police have released a statement for fans attending Tuesday night's FA cup replay with Grimsby Town.

HUMBERSIDE POLICE will be working alongside representatives from both Scunthorpe United and Grimsby Town to ensure that those attending the FA Cup first round replay on Tuesday 19 November will be safe and able to arrive and leave the football ground in a prompt manner. The match, which kicks off at 1945hrs, will be an all ticket game and it is expected that somewhere in the region of 6000 people will at Glanford Park that evening. Scunthorpe United will close the ticket office at 1600hrs, to home supporters, on Tuesday 19 November and people who are wishing to purchase tickets need to be aware of this. In order to help minimise the chances of disruption, both during and after the game, Scunthorpe United - supported by Humberside Police and Grimsby Town football club - will not be allowing people identified as "risk" groups of supporters into Glanford Park. These people have been identified by both football clubs and even if they have a ticket, they will not be allowed in. Both Scunthorpe United and Grimsby Town have written to these "risk" supporters to advise them not to attend. On the back of this people who have bought tickets are warned against passing their tickets on to people who have not been able to obtain one. Also, officers in attendance at the game will be working with the staff from Scunthorpe United to conduct searches of people who enter Glanford Park. Anyone who is found to be in possession of an illegal object will be arrested and could face police prosecution. Police are also continuing to urge people from Grimsby to look at coach travel to the game, to help minimise the chances of traffic disruption and parking issues. Grimsby Town football club have details on their website of coaches who are travelling to the game. Also should the match go to extra time and penalties there is a chance that it would not finish until past 2200hrs. This would leave people travelling on a train with limited time to catch the last train out of Scunthorpe. Coaches will leave once the game is concluded. Superintendent Dave HALL, who is leading the football operation said: "This football match is a big occasion for supporters of both football clubs as they both look to progress into the second round of the FA cup. "Once again the main objective for officers who will be in attendance at Glanford Park will be to ensure that it is a safe environment for all of those people who are attending the match. "The first round match resulted in 12 people being arrested. Six of those arrests came at the conclusion of the game as "risk" groups from both Grimsby and Scunthorpe came together and an altercation took place. An investigation is underway to establish who those people were who were involved in the incident, which caused great concern to people who got caught up in the confrontation. "I want to send a message to the minority of people who may be intent on causing the same level of violence in Scunthorpe on Tuesday evening. The message is simply that this will not be tolerated and police will taking a robust and firm approach to deal with these individuals. It is these "risk" groups who compromise the safety of others who want to go, enjoy the game and go home afterwards. "I would also like to encourage people who are travelling to the game to consider how they might get there. Grimsby Town supporters are urged to look into the coaches that the football club has available. This will ensure that fans are all arriving to the ground at the same time and this is deemed the safest and most effective way to travel to Glanford Park. It will also reduce the risk of being caught up in traffic and trying to find somewhere to park. Grimsby Town supporters can speak to the football club for advice on this method of transport. "It is important that all of the people who are attending the match feel safe and police will be working with representatives from both football clubs to help minimise the chances of disruption. I would also ask for anyone who may have information about the incident following the match at Blundell Park, to police give us a call. The people who were involved were responsible for putting the safety of others at risk and it is vital they are brought to justice. “Reaching the second round of the FA cup is a great achievement for both football clubs so I expect there will be a few nervous supporters, on both sides, in Glanford Park on Tuesday night. I hope that this it is an enjoyable match for all those who are lucky enough to get a ticket and may the best team win.”

Source: Iron-Bru.net