Laws: Pressure is in U's court

25 April 2013 03:15
Iron boss Brian Laws has cranked up the pressure on Colchester United suggesting the Iron's win at MK Dons 'will have hurt them'

"A lot of our supporters gave up a week ago but we've got a good chance. Colchester are not on a run of good form and it will be a difficult week for them", Laws said.

"Psycologically the pressure is in their court because they thought it was all over last week.

"That's probably really hurt them.

"Colchester don't travel too well and it suggests we have a good chance"

Laws has called for Iron fans to pack Glanford Park and hopes they take advantage of the £5 entry the club have offered.

"We need every man and his dog on Saturday", he continued.

"We need to try and reignite an afternoon of passion with the supporters.

"We know what we've got to do, it isnt impossible,

"We must try and create and atmosphere to make the players perform in the arena".

The Iron need to win and hope Colchester lose at Carlisle, aswell as needing a three goal swing in their favour.

"It's in the lap of the gods and hopefully they'll be smiling on us come Saturday.

Laws also pleaded with Scunthorpe fans to turn up in a positive frame of mind and stick with the players in what is set up to be a dramatic afternoon at Glanford Park.

"Set aside all your anger, your dejection.

"Put all that to one side and give us a real booster. A real shot in the arm.

"The last thing we need is negativity and I'm sure the supporters will be united in the same manner and push us over the line.

"Suck that ball into the net", he added.