Hobson mystified by board's actions

01 May 2013 06:34
Iron director Hobson makes a move to purchase 'every remaining share' in issue at Glanford Park

Hobson has purchased 46,500 worth of shares in Scunthorpe United, which he beleives is around a 5% stake in the club. 

He released a statement today that read: "Mr Hobson has made his move to secure his position as chairman and take the football club to new heights" 

"He has received clarification that he is the acting chairman of the football club

Hobson told BBC Radio Humberside: "I have been up to the club because I wanted some clarity myself. I spoke to David Beeby because we dont want it to get too messy.

"We want to push this club forward. 

"They welcomed me in as Chairman on Saturday but on Monday, Keith Wagstaff came into the boardroom and said there had been an offer for the club.

"There has been a statement made by Mr Peter Swann that he is the chairman but that is premature, I dont know where he is coming from.

"It is improper what the rest of the board members have done. I purchased £20,000 worth of shares and I said I would purchase the remaining shares available.

"I've done that today. 

"I don't know what Mr Swann has offered to the club and as the Chairman I have not received any paperwork.

"I am the majority shareholder on the remaining board. The board members need to act in a proper manner.

"The board need to communicate with each other because certain people will not answer their phones.

"Steve Wharton has been 100% genuine and honest. He is wavering his votes and has left it to the rest of the board.

"He welcomed me in as chairman, Ive been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to put contacts in place to move our club forward

"I left on Monday feeling mystified. We need to communicate.

"I missed Rex today, I asked David (Beeby) to invite Rex and the other remaining members to come back to the club for a conversation but they declined.

"You have got people there that need some direction and since Steve has left, it has been a rudderless ship.

Hobson confirmed his associate Stewart Groves is likely to join the board at the next board meeting at the end of May.



Source: Iron-Bru.net