Duffy: It's been a tough week

19 April 2013 02:04
Iron winger Mark Duffy suggests its been a tough week since relegation to League Two was all but confirmed at Bury.

The Iron fell to a 2-1 defeat despite taking the lead at Gigg Lane and Duffy admits it has been 'tough' to regroup as a squad.

"Its been tough, there have been a few home truths being said and rightly so.

"We only have ourselves to blame but we'll keep going until its mathematically possible.

"The Bury result was shocking. In a nutshell that sums up our season" 

Duffy suggested that the players were well aware of the repercussions for the club, if relegation is confirmed in the last two games.

"You walk in and see the people in the kitchen and in and around the place and know that their jobs are depending on us.

"It's not a nice feeling"

Source: Iron-Bru.net