Dawson: Teams can't live with us

06 September 2013 12:07
Andy Dawson believes the Iron will start firing up the table if they start to play attacking football.

The Iron have struggled managing only one win so far, but Dawson is not worried and believes United are close to giving someone a good hiding.

“We need to play football. We’ve got quality footballers – that’s how we’re going to progress forward", he told the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

“When we get it down and play, teams can’t live with us.

The players were booed off the pitch last weekend after squandering a lead for the third game running in a 1-1 draw with Newport County, but Dawson thinks the fans should be impressed by the new look Iron.

“Anybody who understands football must watch and think they’re watching a good football team.

“We’re a new set and we need to learn quickly because there are little spells in games that are costing us.

“But it’s five games gone and if we can improve week in, week out, we’re not far away and soon there’ll be a team which comes here and gets their comeuppance".


Source: Iron-Bru.net