Club ask fans to help

27 March 2012 11:27
Scunthorpe United are asking supporters who use social media to enter a competition which could secure up to £30,000 for the club.

The money - from Footballwill be awarded to supporters who mention the club, manager or players the most through the social networking websites Twitter and Facebook.To participate yo first need to register at, then any post made via either network - or check-ins on Facebook - will count towards the club's total.“The FanPower Stadium competition is a great opportunity for fans to come together in force and vote for their local club," said David Beeby, general manager of the Iron.£10,000 will be given to the first club in League One to have as many registered members as their average home gate - for the Iron this is 4,516.A further £20,000 will go to the club whose registered-supporters discuss the team the most before June 1.