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Scottish Division 2 News

  • Rangers 3-0 Forfar: Match Report

    Rangers 3-0 Forfar: Match Report..

    Rangers 3-0 Forfar: Match Report - view commentary, squad, and statistics of the game as it happened...

    15 Apr 2014 - 21:31:00
  • Errors cost Gers, says McCoist

    Errors cost Gers, says McCoist..

    Rangers manager Ally McCoist said individual errors and poor decision-making cost his side dearly in their 3-1 Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to Dundee United at Ibrox on Saturday...

    13 Apr 2014 - 00:31:57
  • Brechin 1-1 Airdrieonians: Match Report

    Brechin 1-1 Airdrieonians: Match Report..

    Brechin 1-1 Airdrieonians: Match Report - view commentary, squad, and statistics of the game as it h..

    12 Apr 2014 - 17:01:00

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Latest Reader Comments

"You don't know much about Man Utd Mr Argent. It took Ferguson a good few years before he won anything. He was 10 minutes away from the sack, when United scored an equalizer against Crystal Palace in the 1990 Cup Final. They won the replay 1-0, and the rest is history."

Dave Kane

Five Reasons Why Manchester United Should Sack David Moyes
"Talk of Martinez to Arsenal is ridiculous he would just take over and maintain a dead horse. We need someone to come in and bring fighting spirit back into the side we need to move on from this attitude of beautiful passing football, we did experience it under Wenger and we were all lucky to witness it but it was an experience and is not the DNA of the club nor football. What Rodgers has brought into Liverpool is traditional attacking football, physical and exciting to watch and that is what we need at Arsenal. We need to bring in Tony Pulis he has more than earned a crack at a big club and could wake Arsenal up again."

Simidh MacllEathiann

Five Potential Replacements for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger
"Time for Cardiff to take a leaf out of Liverpool's book of footballing dark arts and pull out all the stops and win at all costs. To be blunt, its called gamesmanship, which a certain Mr Suarez has undoubtedly perfected. Some may read this post and think that its frivolous and tongue in cheek but let me disabuse you of that thought at the outset - I'm deadly serious about what will follow. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Whether you're looking to win the league or fighting relegation, the following Suarez wicked football wizardry can be practised and perfected with assistance from the rest of the team. So what does the Cardiff team practise for the next 3 weeks in prep for Sunderland, Newcastle and Chelski? Simple. Whilst Solksjaer should encourage Mutch and Cala to run in late into the box, when they're at their most dangerous, Solksjaer should pick 3 players, say Daehli, Campbell and Zaha and encourage them to practise the deadly wall pass, the quick one twos at the edge of the box and/or dribbling into the box both of which defenders hate for obvious reasons - the increased likelihood of a penalty. Now that Cardiff has won a penalty let the floodgates open, and help the referees decide the way Liverpool and Suarez have been doing. Now for the next 3 weeks, those 3 players should practise the following gamesmanship skills perfected by Liverpool, especially Suarez: 1. At the meerest touch from the defender, throw yourself onto the ground without being overly theatrical, whilst simultaneously raising an arm vigorously. The rest of the team should be drilled to thrust their arms skywards animatedly asking for a penalty. 2. Half turn in the box with the ball whilst simultaneously flicking the ball onto the arm of the opposing defender and instantly raise your arm and beat it furiously indicating a handball. The rest of the team should again be drilled to raise their arms vigorously to appeal for a penalty. It works everytime! Suarez did this against Rafael of United and the very next week against Tomkins of West Ham. Its impossible for the defender to react fast enough to remove their arm from their sides and since it's a flick and not a hard shot the penalty is always awarded. Think they were accidents? Think again - it can be practiced for and referees fall for this every time! Oh, since you're going to win penalties have a designated player like Whittingham practice penalty kicks for the next 3 weeks working up to simulated high pressure situations."

Frank Law

We felt hard done by - Solskjaer

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