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"I guess this moron writer's logic of using one meaningless game as a baseline, MLS is now better than the Premier League since NYRB beat Arsenal tonight...."

Kirk Lenga

Manchester United prove why the MSL is an apprentice league
"still flamini needs another helper"

Robert Katehangwa

Analysing Arsenal's title prospects in the coming 2014/15 Premier League season
"I can't believe there are publications like this about a FRIENDLY match...Obviously written by ignorant writers who know NOTHING about the MLS... IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE MLS SEASON. I mean am I the only one getting hit directly in the face with the common sense stick? All these clubs have more important things to worry about than some money making friendly matches with off-season EPL giants. Anyone who is seriously either: A. Complaining about the integrity of the MLS from losing to these EPL clubs or B. Talking down on the MLS for an embarrassing, mid-season, mid-week, bench-team performance against, again, EPL hot shots, REEEEALLLLY need to do their research on what "priorities" are and how the MLS season works. I'm sorry, but I really don't see how anyone, especially a bunch of eurosnobby brits who use these insignificant matches to judge a league can even have a single valid point on the subject. any. at all. Sorry."

Erick Javier Jusino

Manchester United prove why the MSL is an apprentice league