You're Having A Laugh Dougie

05 March 2010 08:06
Same judge and jury so no wonder the same sentence. It comes as no surprise that Dougie McDonald failed to uphold Celtic’s appeal over Scott Brown’s red card, not because the ordering off was correct but who in their right mind (remember we are talking about refs here) can act as judge and jury and find themselves guilty. It’s a no brainer.No other organisation except the SFA would have such an archaic set up. In a court of law if someone appeals a sentence by a judge that same judge is not allowed to decide whether he was right or wrong in his judgement, it goes directly to three appeal judges who will make a decision on the case.Controversy goes hand in hand with football and without it fans would have nothing to discuss over a pint with their mates after a match.Rightly or wrongly McDonald said he was "content with the decision". It is one of those talking points that people will agree to differ over and if asked if he should have walked ex Celt Kenny Dalgleish would probably reply "maybe aye, maybes naw".I think the bigger controversy is the fact Bougherra was allowed to remain on the park after committing several cautionable offences after having been cautioned early in the game.It is clear to any football fan that in just the three old firm encounters this season Celtic have been at the receiving end of very questionable decisions by referees. The first game at Ibrox and the disallowed penalty which the referee stated later that he should have awarded, that decision also resulted in a Celtic player being cautioned for diving. The Fortune goal at Celtic Park that was disallowed and then this latest encounter.I refereed for over 20 years and officiated as a linesman during the eighties and early nineties and I can’t remember referees being slated like they are today, it seems like 'open season' for refs at the moment. Personally I think that today’s referees bring a lot of it on themselves by their inconsistencies. In my day referees were on the whole respected by the clubs and were better all round at what they did. I only have to name people like Brian McGinlay, Kenny Hope, Bob Valentine and David Syme. These guys and others got about their job of refereeing and were hardly noticed because they handled matches so well. Today it seems that the ref wants to be the centre of attraction during a football match.Next up for Celtic is a trip to Falkirk on Sunday, a match that will be handled by Brian Winter. So after the game I wonder if the talking point will be the referee or the state of the pitch. Editor Ger Harley (ger@scottishfitba net)Admin Team (admin@scottishfitba net)This is Scottish-Fitba Net


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