Will Strachan Sup From The Poisoned Challice?

07 November 2012 12:43
The search is on for the new saviour for Scotland's national side. Never a job that will win you universal praise but there is always somebody willing to have a go

Gordon Strachan is the front runner as far as the bookies are concerned to take over the challenge of getting Scotland to play to their full potential and make progress in terms of qualifying for major tournaments. Craig Levein was relieved of his duties on Monday and the usual suspects list was dusted off with some international additions due to the international flavour of the job.  Strachan knows what it is like to represent his country and is not a shrinking violet when it comes to running a side. Taking on a national side which is sitting at the bottom of their World Cup group with just two points is a daunting prospect but it appears Strachan feels he is up for such a challenge. A regular pundit on the box since he left Middlesbrough in October, 2010, Strachan was asked about the Scotland job while working on ITV's Champions League programme on Tuesday night.He said: "It's quite simple really, it would be an honour to be asked to be the manager of your own national side, it's terrific. I could sit here and say 'yes, it would be great' or 'no, it's not for me' but it would also be arrogant of me to answer that if nobody has asked you and presume that someone will ask. Until you've been asked a question about a job, any job, then you really don't know how you'd go about it that's for sure. I wouldn't have the arrogance to think that someone is going to knock on my door."

Source: ScottishFitba