Whyte Man For The Job: Murray

07 May 2011 11:14
While some board members still have doubts, Rangers move forward under the stewardship of Craig Whyte With the deal to own Rangers finally sealed, Craig Whyte believes the best possible deal has been secured for the club's future. The Scots tycoon successfully completed the acquisition of Sir David Murray's shareholding when the agreement was signed in Edinburgh yesterday and ratified by the Takeover Panel. The completion of the deal brought to an end six months of protracted wrangling and negotiations, after Whyte first announced he was in talks regarding a potential takeover in November 2010. He acknowledged the frustration generated by such a long, drawn out process, but believes Rangers will now benefit from the outcome.  Whyte said: "The guiding principle from the outset has been to get the right deal for Rangers. I know the time this has taken has created a lot of frustration, but it was vital we secured a deal that meant we could maximise investment in the team and that is what has been achieved. As a keen Rangers supporter I now look forward to helping the club secure its future as a leading force in Scottish and European football. I know the club has gone through some difficult spells in recent times but it is my commitment to the manager, his backroom team, the players and, most importantly, the loyal supporters that I will do all I can to ensure further success in the weeks, months and years to come. Rangers is a great club with a great future. It has the best supporters in the world and I will do everything possible to protect and enhance the club's standing going forward."  The change in ownership signals the end of Murray's association of more than 22 years with Rangers. Whyte could not takeover without reflecting on that time. He said: "I would like to personally thank Sir David Murray for the way in which he has conducted his side of this difficult and complex negotiation, as well as for the devoted service he has given to Rangers over many years. His is a great legacy of which he can be proud. Now the really hard work begins and I would appeal to everyone who has the best interests of Rangers at heart - the management, the players and the fans - to give the club the support it so richly deserves."  However, news that the deal was finally done was tempered slightly as Rangers board members continued to express doubts over Whyte's cash pledges despite the successful completion of the venture capitalist's takeover. A statement released by the independent board committee read: "The IBC and Wavetower have differing views on the future revenue generation and cash requirements of the club and the IBC is concerned about a lack of clarity on how future cash requirements would be met, particularly any liability arising from the outstanding HMRC case."  However, the man who steered the club for the last 22 years, Murray is convinced Whyte is the right man to succeed him at Rangers, as he reflected on the end of his time at Ibrox. In a statement released, he said: "From a personal perspective, today is the end of an era. I have had the privilege of being the majority shareholder of our great football club for over 22 years. During this time, we have seen many highs and lows together, and I trust that the successes will continue for many years to come. I have worked with numerous talented directors, players and staff members, whose support and endeavour have assisted in our collective success. Finally, I must thank our loyal fans, without whom the club would be unable to survive. They are, and will remain, the backbone of our history, and of our future."


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