Who Needs Enemies When You Have Friends Like Charles Green

08 April 2013 07:58
Media savvy Ally McCoist should perhaps suggest a 'facing the media' training course for his chief executive or at least have a chance to edit his script

As if life is not hard enough for those involved with the plight of Rangers in Division Three, it must have been galling to read the words of chief executive Charles Green. Not shy of a reporter, Green recently came out with a statements suggesting the current Rangers squad is the worst in their history. Manager Ally McCoist is also not shy when it comes to being faced with reporters and made his feelings known shortly after Rangers had moved 24 points clear at the top of the Third Division table with a convincing 4-1 victory over Queen's Park at Hampden.He said: "Charles is relatively new to Rangers. He knows the job he's got to do, and we've all got to do, and we're looking forward to doing it. In my opinion, it's not the worst Rangers team. I'm not sure how many titles Charles has won in his career but I've been very fortunate to win 14 at our football club, including as assistant manager. That title we were all involved in just there is the hardest one. I know what it takes to win a title. It doesn't matter what division you are in, it takes a special group of people and talent and hard work to win titles. We've got a group of boys who were assembled in the space of six or seven days and have managed to win a title and they are 24 points clear. I would think everybody could maybe take a wee step back and offer some congratulations to those boys. I'm certainly doing that right now. The boys have been receiving a fair bit of criticism, a lot of it correctly, over one or two recent performances but I thought we were very good today."

Source: ScottishFitba


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