We Can Afford To Wait For King To Invest

11 October 2013 11:11
According the Rangers Chief Executive, Rangers do not need an injection of King's cash right now.

Rangers chief executive Craig Maher says that the club do not need Dave King's cash straightaway. Mather has been outlining the current situation to three different supporters' groups and said he was approached by King to set up their recent meeting in South Africa. King has history at Ibrox and is believed to have invested as much as £20m while Sir David Murray was chairman of the club all of which was lost following the club entering administration in 2012. According to the minutes of the meetings with fans groups, despite reporting losses of £14.4m for the 13-month period until the end of June, Maher is quoted as saying Rangers were not in need of King's cash immediately. Maher is quoted as saying: "I want Dave King on board for his historic knowledge of how the club works. I said we don't need his cash now. When we get back to the top flight and to compete in Europe then we would welcome an inflow of cash."Rangers will be attending the a hearing at the Court of Session on Monday to determine whether their annual general meeting can go ahead as planned on 24 October. The legal challenge was lodged by a group of shareholders unhappy about a motion calling for the appointment of former chairman Malcolm Murray, ex-Blue Knight Paul Murray and businessmen Scott Murdoch and Alex Wilson to the board. Maher revealed he is concerned about speculation and rumours that are undermining his efforts to provide stability to Rangers. He said: "We have to do things legally and properly. I'm happy to add to the dynamic on the board. Dave King rang me and I was happy to meet and talk - I'm only interested in the future, not past events. DK is not part of any team or conspiracy - he's an individual who cares about Rangers. We had two days of very positive discussions with him and working with the existing team. "I am concerned about lies being told about people on the board. I want voting at the AGM based on fact - 99 per cent of why we are in court is purely from the legal aspect."

Source: ScottishFitba