Warning: No Hand Signals

27 July 2012 11:54
Leigh Griffiths thinks he has matured since last season

Leigh Griffiths has vowed to cut out the 'stupidity' in his second loan spell at Easter Road. The Wolves striker is back at Hibs ahead of the new season - and is confident he has grown up. Last season Griffiths was banned on three separate occasions for making gestures to fans. He said: "When there were rumours that I was coming back, some Hibs fans were saying things like 'we don't want him back because of the stupidity' and I am trying to change for the better. Hopefully, those same supporters will see me in the first few games of the season and realise that I am trying to improve in that respect. The first time I was banned should have been a learning curve for me, but I still got banned three times. You know after the third time that you are just being stupid."