Too Nice To Be A Manager?

20 March 2013 12:37
Even with managerial changes at the top of the national game, Ricky Sbragia has been looking after the youngsters quietly guiding them in the ways of international football

Anytime seen being interviewed on television, Ricky Sbragia comes across too nice to be a football manager. That’s my opinion and it’s one I am struggling to change after interviewing him on Thursday.

Ricky Rbragia and SFQ Performance Director Mark Wotte (c) Ger Harley | SportPix

Sbragia was at Menzies Hotel in Irvine for the SFA Press Conference along with ex-Killie youngster Matthew Kennedy prior to the Under 19 friendly against Sweden. Young Matt suggested that players at Everton train 100% of the time at a high tempo while at Killie there was some days if you didn’t fancy it, well you just fancy it and got away with it. Perhaps Matt's interview is best left for another day.Meanwhile, does Sbragia ever criticise anyone? Firstly every player in the squad seemed to get a name check to the point it sopunded like our squad would win the World Cup when they are ready. Then ex-Hearts boss John McGlynn was praised to the hilt even saying that Hearts got rid of John too early. Ricky, heads-up mate, Hearts get rid of every manager far too early!Anyway, asked if the recent idea from David Longmuir about bringing Colt teams into the lower leagues was a good idea or a bummer; Sbragia explained; yep great idea however our Under-19s manager wants Colt teams for all the top clubs. If the idea had any chance of being voted in; the whole SPL would have to want their own Colt team; and they would all agree to vote financial compensation for the SFL clubs to force the new rule through – well isn’t that how things are agreed in Scottish Footie? Sbragia went onto side step the whole league reconstruction topic saying that players and managers will just do as their told. True to form when asked about the decline of the game he fired back that we are far better than some would make you believe.Maybe though Sbragia just says the right things in interviews but is a different guy in the dressing room. You never know maybe this nice quiet man will guide our Under-19s to winning the European Championships. Last night at Somerset Park he must have hidden the nice guy act at half-time in the game against Sweden. 2-0 down after 5 minutes of the second half and our side bounced back to impressively win 3-2 so maybe he isn’t as nice as he makes out!

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