Thompson Under Pressure To Agree 10-Team SPL

06 May 2011 11:41
Everybody is entitled to their views. However, some feel that is true just as long as it agrees with their view Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson feels he is under pressure to agree with the move to a 10-team SPL. He feels his scepticism over the potential restructuring of the SPL has been met with "threats". SPL chairman Neil Doncaster's strategic plan, which includes plans for a 10-team top flight, is yet to convince the required 11-1 majority of current SPL clubs. Coming out of the meeting of SPL clubs at Hampden last month, Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston said they were "well short" of the majority needed for the reforms in their current format to go through. Thompson has been one of the most outspoken dissenters and yesterday talked of the pressure being applied to back Doncaster's proposals.  Thomson said: "There's been some heated debates around the SPL table in general meetings. I've not been cornered in a boardroom so far, but there's been a few threats to those who haven't agreed to this package that has been put in front of us. But that's been said privately so I don't want to bring that out in the public domain and have a spat with those particular clubs. There's no point in that. One or two people have stuck their neck out on reconstruction as the way forward and people have said to others who are against it, 'Come up with other ideas'. It's not so much that as we don't believe the 10 is the way forward. Some people feel very strongly and people are entitled to their views, like I am entitled to my view."