The Referee's A Franker

06 September 2011 12:14
Similar to a famous Diary Writing Dutch woman, Kevin Blom will probably be looking for a place to hide as calls gather for his demotion. While some might think Scotland should concentrate more on seeing out a game instead of hammering the ball all over the pitch for the final seven minutes then blaming the ref for a dodgy decision which came about partly through our inability to keep the ball, it has to be said that the official who took all the attention away from the game in a final two minutes of madness on Saturday is deserving of demotion. He has previous.Mario Van Der Ende quit as head of Dutch referees four years ago because he did not agree with the way young refs - such as Blom (37) - were being catapulted to the top.Van Der Ende said: ''Last year Blom gave out a lot of red cards in the Dutch League and three or four were overturned by committee. Arjan Swinkels of Willem II was also sent off twice by Blom within the space of six months and both red cards were overturned. It takes a good ref to appear in front of the cameras every week and to shoulder the pressure of important international fixtures. He can be a good ref but he needs to improve and be more consistent if he is to avoid any more controversial moments like the one at Hampden. I am sorry for Scotland that such a big decision went against them, the Czech player clearly dived."Facebook sites calling for Blom to be sacked are increasing as Scotland fans look to take revenge on the referee who refers to himself as "Athlete" on his Facebook page which has 81 followers.While there is little we can do about the decision that cost us victory on Saturday it has to be said that Blom's arrogance at the end of the game did not endear him to the Tartan Army. The blonde official stared straight ahead like a Dutchman who had been smoking something more potent than a Cigar as Scotland's captain and Head Coach questioned his penalty decision that saw the match end 2-2.   The calls of "We Wuz Robbed" did cause a stifled yawn in some quarters on Saturday. Haven't we seen all this before? Defeat (or in this case a draw) grabbed from the jaws of victory?   However, despite there being a touch of Groundhog Day about the Scotland game at the weekend, we now know how inconsistent referee Blom has been in the past and we have to question why he was allowed to take charge of such an important qualifier only to get his big decisions in the game so terribly wrong.   It's Official. Kevin Blom is Reffin' Awful so let's hope we never see him in charge of another Scotland game again.