Strachan vows to respect friendly

14 November 2013 04:16

Gordon Strachan has promised not to turn Friday night's challenge match against the United States at Hampden Park into "a farce" by making too many substitutions.

The visitors are using the game as preparation for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil next summer and will also play against Austria in Vienna next week.

However, the Scots, having failed to make it to the finals, are looking further ahead to the start of the Euro 2016 qualifiers which are the best part of a year away.

Speaking at the Scots' Mar Hall training base on the outskirts of Glasgow, the former Southampton and Coventry boss confirmed he will utilise his squad with defender Gordon Greer in the frame to win his first cap.

However, when asked if he will be giving as many players some game time as he could, he said: "We will try to do that without making it a farce for the crowd and the players themselves.

"I think if you get too many changes it can affect the players and it devalues the game or that period of the game so we will try to use substitutes, but sparingly I would hope.

"I hope it will be a good one (test), they will be hoping it is a good one as well. They are 13th in the world.

"We are feeling quite good about ourselves and I'm sure they will be feeling good about themselves at the moment.

"It is always a result thing in our business but performance as well, and we can work on other things this week towards our long-term future as a group, so that has been good."

Strachan looked forward to meeting up with USA boss Jurgen Klinsmann, who he played against when he was at Coventry and the former Germany striker was at Tottenham.

"He is a terrific footballer, a terrific man and a great character," he said.

"He has brought a lot to the game with his enthusiasm and he can laugh at himself at times as well.

"He was a great ambassador for German football when he was in England, he has been a great ambassador for German football everywhere he goes."

The former Aberdeen, Manchester United and Scotland midfielder revealed his admiration for the visitors, who are preparing for their seventh consecutive appearance at the finals of the World Cup next summer.

"It is fantastic," he said: "If you look at the nation as a whole, in sports, they have great athletes.

"I think they have brought that athletic style to their football, with no lack of ability.

"When they put their minds to something they can do it well.

"They have improved tremendously. It has been great at grass roots for the last 40 years but because their players are getting about in Europe and the rest of the world, it has improved them all-round as players."

Source: PA