Rangers Fan Group Threaten SFL Clubs

14 March 2013 11:18
Things are not going smoothly with plans for league reconstruction.

Rangers supporters fans are considering a boycott of away fixtures if their SFL clubs vote for the proposed 12-12-18 league structure promoted by the SPL. The SPL clubs will be meeting on 15 April to vote on the structure while the 32 lower-league clubs are considering their own structure under one league body. The SPL proposals put forward a 12-team top division and similarly-sized Championship second tier that would merge into three groups of eight after 22 games in order to decide the major issues - the title, European qualification and relegation out of the top flight. The SPL proposal would mean Irn-Bru Third Division winners would stay in the lowest rung of Scottish football for another year. With Rangers most probably going to win the Third Division, their fans are not happy with this prospect. Rangers Supporters Assembly chief Andy Kerr claims the fanbase will look to take revenge if the 18-team bottom tier is voted in.He said: "The only thing that is pushing this is short-sighted finance. The top 12 clubs are happy because nothing is changing. The teams below them are happy because they are getting a bigger share, while those 17 clubs left along with Rangers are happy. They are rubbing their hands at the thought of the gate money. While we want to support our team, serious questions would have to be asked. I think there's a huge risk Rangers fans will simply say, 'enough is enough'. We are trying to work our way back while others are attempting to hold us back and drag us down. I don't believe our fans would stand for it, and nor should they. It's been an adventure this year. But the thought of having to go through all that again, having won the league and not been promoted, would have a very negative affect among our supporters."

Source: ScottishFitba


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