Put Us Out Of Our Misery

06 July 2012 06:45
The clubs hoping to be named Club 12 replacements want a decision now

Dundee chief executive Scot Gardiner is not pleased about the process of deciding which team will finally replace 'Club 12' in next season's SPL fixture list. The Tayside club lost out to Ross County to earn the single promotion place available from the First Division. It is between Dundee and Dunfermline on who will replace Rangers in the SPL following the rejection of the newco version's application to join the top flight. Dunfermline finished bottom of the SPL and their chairman John Yorkston also called for clarity in the situation earlier this week. Gardiner was more forceful with his choice of words, and also confirmed Dundee would not vote on whether newco Rangers should enter the SFL when they meet next Friday to avoid a conflict of interest. He said: "It has been a mess, therefore it is hard to second guess what could have been done because these are unprecedented, uncharted waters. So I'm loathed to criticise although I wish it had all been sorted out quicker. We've been told we can't vote by our governing body and we have to abide by that. And so we are trying not to then impact (on the vote) because they're then telling us we're conflicted. We're not going to do anything that will leave anyone the excuse where they can point the finger at Dundee Football Club and say 'well they would say that wouldn't they?" On Thursday, Yorkston, as well as the SFL, called on the decision-makers within the SPL to announce who 'Club 12' would be sooner rather than later, but seems ready to accept defeat over the matter. He said: "We've definitely not been invited to join the SPL, we're still an SFL club. And until we're told anything different then we're planning to open our campaign against Dumbarton and prior to that against Brechin in the Ramsdens Cup, and we're planning to win the First Division."