No Stimac For A Fight

14 October 2013 09:58
Gordon Strachan can usually be good for a decent quote or two but not this time

Knowing that Scotland can't qualify for the Brazil World Cup allows Scotland manager Gordon Strachan to go into tomorrow's game against Croatia with out the need to participate in any pre-game tit-for-tat comments. The Croatia manager Igor Stimac has been quoted as saying the game would be a "kind of a training session" for his side. This sort of thing was water off a duck's back as far as Strachan was concerned. He know that comments can be lost in translation especially when the media are trying to spice up the atmosphere for what on the face of it is a dead game. While Scotland want to gain as many points as possible for placements in future international competitions draws; Croatia are preparing for next month's  World Cup qualification after losing to Group A winners Belgium on Friday.

Igor Stimac at today's press conference (c) Wullie Marr |

Asked for a reaction to Stimac's comments, Strachan said: "He can have any comments he wants. I like Igor, a nice fella. I spent time with him in Poland (during Euro 2012), I've known him since he was at Derby. It depends if he said training or experimenting. Experiment is completely different from training. I look forward to seeing him. He is a good man, he organises his team well and we wish him all the best in the play-offs."

Source: ScottishFitba