No Need For 'Viable' Threats

22 April 2011 05:41
Craig Brown cannot believe any football manager should gets bombs sent to them in the post Aberdeen manager Craig Brown believes Celtic boss Neil Lennon has "the sympathy of the whole world of football" after being sent two parcel bombs. Lennon has been the intended target of two separate parcels, while Paul McBride QC - who represented Lennon in his recent disciplinary dealings with the SFA - and MSP Trish Godman, a known Celtic supporter, had one addressed to each of them. Strathclyde Police revealed the packages were "designed to cause real harm to the person who opened them". However, all four were intercepted before they reached their intended targets.  Brown said: "I think that's despicable, that kind of behaviour. For anyone to resort to that type of behaviour is shocking. I'm delighted to see this has become a police matter and I genuinely and sincerely hope they do find the culprits and punish them severely. I heard the First Minister Alex Salmond, who is a football man as well, very strongly condemning what happened and assuring everyone that they will be dealt with in the strongest possible way. I think that's the feeling of everyone in the game. It's a shocking state of affairs when something like that happens. This is a malicious, deliberate attack on an individual and a football manager and I think Neil Lennon's got the sympathy of the whole world of football, and the others who have been threatened by these bombs. It beggars belief that someone should resort to that kind of behaviour."