No Easy Route Into Division Three

26 April 2012 12:50
Rangers do not have their troubles to seek even if they do drop out of the SPL

The Scottish Football League has warned Rangers they would have to go through the usual process if they want a place in the Third Division. The SPL side are fighting to avoid liquidation and following heavy sanctions imposed by the SFA with manager Ally McCoist admitting he could now be in favour of dropping down to the fourth tier of Scottish football. SFL chief executive David Longmuir said: "If Rangers or anyone else applied for entry into the SFL they would have to go through the same process as Annan, Spartans FC, Preston Athletic and Cove Rangers did four years ago. They would have to put a proposal to us on why they should be allowed in and then hope they were voted in by the SFL clubs. At the moment it's difficult for me to comment on Rangers' situation. But anything that brought excitement and freshness to the SFL would be something I'm interested in. It would be the same process, given any set of circumstances. When Annan were welcomed in the process took a couple of months during the close season. In the past we've had to assess the likes of Annan, Cove and Preston on the basis of ground criteria, facilities and financial stability. So checks have to be done, which would obviously be a bit different if Rangers were involved. However, at the moment there is no vacancy in the SFL. Rangers are in administration, which is a situation other clubs have found themselves in and survived. The same could happen to Rangers. As a Scottish football supporter, I hope they do."