Motherwell Get The Points But Chairman Loses Style Points

03 April 2011 04:57
You have to be magnanamus in victory and John Boyle may have stepped over the line on Saturday Police are talking to both Motherwell chairman John Boyle and Aberdeen manager Craig Brown after an unsavoury meeting at the end of Saturday's game. The incident occurred after Motherwell had secured a 2-1 win at Fir Park. Former Motherwell manager Brown spoke to police after the clash at the mouth of the tunnel. The match commander, Superintendent Brian Connel, said: "We are making enquiries into the incident that occurred at the final whistle, when the players were still on the pitch. What we are not looking at is any form of criminal inquiry. There has been no criminal complaint brought to our attention but given some of the issues we have seen at other football grounds it's only right we make enquiries into this. I think there was an exchange of words and very minor pushing thereafter so we just wanted to make sure there was no criminal element to that. We have not identified any criminal element. Nonetheless with the assistance of both clubs we will make sure we get to the bottom of it." Police, who were there or there about as the indcident happened were not involved in breaking up the dispute, had spoken to Brown but not Boyle by the time they left Fir Park just before 6pm.Brown, who left Motherwell to take over at Pittodrie in December along with assistant Archie Knox, said: "I have just been with the police and, I'm sorry, I would love to be able tell you, but they have asked me not to say anything. The police officers have taken all the details. They have taken statements from me and witnesses who were round about. Archie Knox was involved and Gordon Young, a terrific guy, the youth coach here, was trying to placate matters." The incident has been described as similar to the clash between Celtic manager Neil Lennon and Rangers assistant Ally McCoist, with Brown reacting to a comment made by his former employer before the jostling began. Brown was also on the receiving end of the Motherwell supporters' taunting during the SPL game, which Well won thanks to goals from Chris Humphrey and Shaun Hutchinson. An apparent majority of the home support appeared to clap when chanting from some implored them to register their "hatred" for the former Scotland manager. Brown, who began his coaching career at Fir Park in the 1970s, said: "The fans were giving me a bit of stick but I don't think there was malice in it - just what you would expect. In fact it was a compliment. When I heard that, I thought they must have been disappointed we weren't here. Maybe I'm naive but I took it as a compliment. There is not one player who has been anything other than courteous and supportive and we're the same with them. Most of the club people have wished us well and been gracious. I've kept a dignified silence about situations here. I think the fans would be disappointed if I told them certain things. But I will continue to maintain silence because that is the dignified way to operate and I don't want to turn the fans in any way against a terrific football club. I have always loved Motherwell, and still do, but there are one or two people that I think tend to besmirch the reputation of the club." Brown admitted Motherwell deserved to win after his side failed to get going until the second half. Humphrey thumped home a 15th-minute opener and Hutchinson forced home an 87th-minute corner after an evenly-balanced second period, before Nikola Vujadinovic's stoppage-time header gave Aberdeen brief hope. Brown said: "The better team won the game. I wish them all the best in the top six, which I am sure they will consolidate. We would have had a chance if we had a full-strength team but we had seven players missing."Motherwell manager Stuart McCall was delighted to see his team move four points clear in the hunt for a top-six spot. McCall was nowhere near the tunnel incident and when asked for his views, he joked: "I was too busy on the pitch giving the referee abuse. There are lots of ways to win a football game and that was through grit and determination. Las (Keith Lasley) at the end couldn't run - he has cracked his ribs. Gavin Gunning has popped his shoulder. They have all got ice on them."