Make Your Mind Up Time

14 July 2012 09:22
Clubs are having to prepare in the dark as they are still not sure in which Division they will be playing in next season.

Rangers may know where they are to play next season but Dundee and Dunfermline are not in the same position. The fixtures for all the leagues may have to be re-drawn with promotions from Divisions Three and Two and perhaps one from Division One. Dundee chief executive Scott Gardiner is keen for the SPL board to finalise the decision on which club will take the place of Club 12 in the top flight. SPL clubs and chief executive Neil Doncaster meet for their annual general meeting on Monday and Gardiner is anxious for a decision. He said: "I've not spoken to Neil or any of the board of the SPL. I haven't had any emails or letters. I think it damages all of the game. Someone has to show some real leadership here and get a grip of things. We've been planning to win the First Division for a couple of months now and we have been adding to the squad with the view to winning the First Division and selling our season tickets. We have had to stop a lot of things behind the scenes because we could put the club in real danger if we make the wrong decisions. We're in limbo and I'm just asking for someone to step up and say 'okay, all the votes have been held, here is the situation and Dundee Football Club will be playing either in the SPL or the First Division'." Gardiner is not worried about a new twist to the tale now that Rangers have to start in Division Three despite Doncaster's warning that would cost the game £16million a season. He said: "It seems to me something quite remarkable and quite extraordinary would have to happen in order to get that in place. But I suppose extraordinary things have been happening. As far as I'm concerned, Rangers have been admitted into SFL3 and we're just waiting on how the cards fall from that." Gardiner was speaking before today's sell-out home friendly against neighbours Dundee United. He said: "We have 11,000 people here today and the place is buzzing and no one is even talking about it. We had to close our ticket office, because the police forced us to, at 12 o'clock and no one is talking about the game. This proves the game can recover, we are not dead in the water. But we have a lot of hard work to get the credibility of the game back."