Levein Considered Quitting

02 September 2011 10:50
The contrast between club and international football is not just felt by the players. Craig Levein has admitted he almost quit being Scotland manager after only three months, before even playing his first game, due to the contrast with club management and the day-to-day involvement with players. Levein left his post as Dundee United manager in December 2009 to replace George Burley as national team manager but thought about stepping down before his first game in charge the following March because of the contrast with club management. He had worked very closely with, and was supported by, his club chairman the late Eddie Thomson when with United and felt cast adrift when he took on his new role. Speaking ahead of tomorrow's EURO2012 qualifier against the Czech Republic at Hampden, Levein said: "After three months in this job, I was ready for chucking it. Back then in the early months of 2010, I felt I was banging my head off a brick wall. I didn't feel I was getting there, and there was that initial starvation, after club management, of having precious little contact with players. I was fed up, in fact I was demented. I was for resigning. But then some games came along, things settled down and today it seems like night and day compared to those times."