Learning Lessons From Abraod

16 March 2010 06:49
The top flight is Scotland is not working well and moves are afoot to make changes. But which element should be changed? Finally the SPL are going to look at how other leagues in Europe operate to see if any ideas can be transferred to Scotland. They will then offer a blueprint for change to the clubs. Chief executive Neil Doncaster recently suggested that the league should be expanded from the current 12-team structure. Most managers have come out in favour of such an idea to prevent teams nullifying each other - Rangers will face St Mirren and Dundee United six times each this season. Doncaster said: "What we're doing is to consult as widely as possible to consult on best practice across all leagues within Europe, and take the best of those ideas to see if they can be properly employed within the SPL. If they can, we'll assess those ideas and consult with the clubs and put forward a package of measures that we hope will take the SPL forward. Ultimately it's for the clubs to decide whether they wish to embrace that change. Our job is to inspire debate, and I think that's happened, and take forward ideas, and put it to the vote." Some managers have expressed their views while others have kept their own council for now. The bottom line will be how will the clubs/SPL benefit financially. This will mean that it is at board level that any proposal forwarded by the SPL will be discussed. Doncaster said: "I'm really pleased that the prospect of change has inspired so much debate. People care passionately and we'll look at those ideas. It's always important that you don't sit on your laurels and stand still. We have to continue to revitalise what we've got to ensure what the SPL has become renowned for - the excitement and tension - that we replicate that but also bring more people through the turnstiles. Any recommendations have got to stack up commercially, that's vital. There is no point in putting things together that may make the game slightly more appealing but give clubs a greater financial problem than they've got already." Editor Ger Harley (ger@scottishfitba net)Admin Team (admin@scottishfitba net)This is Scottish-Fitba.Net