Just 12 Men

15 April 2013 08:16
Self interest will play a big part in the voting decisions made today by the 12 representatives of the SPL clubs

Today is the day that SPL clubs gather at Hampden to vote on a proposed 12, 12, 18 league reconstruction. The latest recruit to the top flight party, Ross County, could have the final say on the future of major league reform plans. There is still the need for 11 votes in favour of the changes before they can be sent to SFL for their vote later this week. Both leagues and ruling body the SFA agreed in principle on 8 January, with the 12 SPL clubs apparently achieving rare consensus. St Mirren are the only club to have formally announced they will vote against the proposals, while Ross County have still to make their intention public. Celtic are the latest of the 10 clubs to back the plan, and chief executive Peter Lawwell reckons his Ross County counterpart Roy MacGregor may regret any decision to go against a new set-up.Lawwell said: "Maybe in two or three years' time, when the novelty factor has worn off and the quality has kept coming down, Roy might say 'that was an opportunity lost'. Maybe he's right, but 10 of us don't agree and we've been around for years. It's not a threat. It's not an ultimatum. It's just trying to get him to understand what we know and he has no reason to know because it's new to him."

Source: ScottishFitba