It's No Fair!

18 March 2010 12:44
Mark McGhee expects life to be fair but football is not liek that Mark McGhee is calling foul over the amount of criticism he has had to endure since taking over as manager at Pittodrie. He claims it would be "grossly unfair" if he were  to be sacked as Aberdeen manager without a full season under his belt. The omens are not good however.  The Dons have now gone 10 games without a win and look set to miss out on a top six finish. McGhee has overseen just eight wins out of the 34 competitive games played with him in charge. Included in the 34 games was a Scottish Cup loss to Raith Rovers last month. There has not been a lot of money available for the beleaguered Pittodrie manager to invest in playing staff but he must have been used to that constraint while working for Motherwell.McGhee said: "It would be grossly unfair if my position was in any danger. The circumstances which have put us on course to finishing outside the top six have been mostly outwith my control. My brief when I arrived was to stack the squad with young players and bring about change over a prolonged period. That includes bringing in new players and changing the mentality of some of those already here. The directors know what was said and what is going on behind the scenes in an effort to to make sure things are a lot better next season. I can't legislate for the possibility of the directors now deciding that what has happened since then is unacceptable. I can only be honest and say I feel I've done what has been asked and believe what I am doing will bring benefits in the long term. There is no chance of me walking away, though. I still don't believe I have become a bad manager. If anything, it has made me even more determined to gain success with Aberdeen. But I will prove that the people who showed faith in my ability to be a successful Aberdeen manager were right. And I will prove to those who are criticising me - claiming I am not up to the job - are wrong." Editor Ger Harley (ger@scottishfitba net)Admin Team (admin@scottishfitba net)This is Scottish-Fitba Net