I Have Been Misquoted: Regan

03 July 2012 07:20
Never believe everything you hear from the media untill you hear from the quotee.

There have been more statements issued from the SFA in recent weeks than have emanated from Hampden in several years.  The latest come from Chief Executive Stewart Regan who said: "The Scottish FA was invited to participate in today’s meeting of the Scottish Football League’s members at Hampden Park. During a positive and productive meeting, a number of detailed scenarios were discussed regarding the future status of Rangers FC as a newco club. Unfortunately, a comment relating to one potential scenario - Rangers FC’s readmission to the SPL - was distorted, taken out of context and leaked to the media by a member. For the avoidance of doubt, any decision regarding the future status of Rangers FC requires not only the transfer of the SPL share but the transfer of the Scottish FA’s membership. The Scottish FA Board will approve this only when all relevant information has been provided and the directors are satisfied that the solution presented is in the best interests of Scottish football."