Had Enough Of This Bullocks

26 September 2013 10:24
We all get frustrated at our jobs from time to time and could do with a break.

Arbroath Player/Manager Paul Sheerin has lost his goalkeeping coaching colleague, Tony Bullock, who has decided to take a break from the game. Bullock was also a back-up 'keeper so there is a sense of double whammy over his decision. Sheerin feels that a degree of frustration led to Bullock's decision. Bullock has played for seven Scottish clubs, starting off at Ross County in 2001, and linked up with Arbroath 18 months ago in a dual role. The final straw appears to have been when he was "sent off" for the third time after a game following comments he made to referee Des Roache after Saturday’s 4-3 defeat from Stenhousemuir. Bullock was on the bench at the time so it must have been interesting comments to get sent off. The Red Lichties manager said: "Tony was feeling frustrated by a number of things about Saturday’s game and unfortunately said something he should not have. He has had a sense of frustration about football for a while now and reckons that it is best that he takes a break from it. I am disappointed by his decision, as he has been a big character here, but he probably needs to fall in love with the game again. Hopefully, he will not be lost to it for too long and in the meantime I will be looking to secure a new goalkeeping coach and player."

Source: ScottishFitba