Green Will Use Sex-Discmilnation Against Move Ban

11 January 2013 02:07
Charles Green is not easily put off his chosen path.

Rangers chief executive Charles Green is not about to sit still and let the first barrier presented to him prevent him trying to allow Rangers to progress. He is willing to evoke claims he could use sex discrimination laws if UEFA try to block a cross-border league move for the Ibrox club. Green is looking into ways of taking Rangers out of Scottish football following the announcement of a new 12-18-18 league set-up - drawn up by the SPL and SFL in conjunction with the SFA . If the new league set up is given the green light, Rangers would remain in the bottom tier of Scottish football even if they win the league this season. The Ibrox chief believes he has precedent on his side when he claims the club should be granted access to leagues in other countries. He said: "As the structures stand now, there are not many options. But I'm not one for hiding my light behind a bushel. People say you can't go into England because you are not allowed cross-borders (leagues). Well there is now a cross-border (league). You have a UEFA-sanctioned professional women's league in Belgium and Holland, so we have a precedent there. If there was an opportunity to join a cross-border league and that was challenged by UEFA, I would go to Strasbourg and challenge the sexual equality."

Source: ScottishFitba