Green Shoots Of Realisation

09 April 2013 07:35
Charles Green may be more careful of his public statement in future

Rangers chief executive Charles Green has not taken a backward step since he fronted the consortium to rescue Rangers from oblivion. However, now that he has had time to consider some of his more recent statements, he admits calling the current squad of players the worst team in Ibrox history may not have been the best things to have done. Green offered the comments in a radio interview when defending Ally McCoist's performance as manager, but then stood by them in a Sunday newspaper interview. This did not go down too well within Ibrox with McCoist keen to clear the air with his chief executive. Green was also criticised for using "racist and offensive language" by anti-racism campaigners. Green appeared to recognise that his public comments might not have been helpful.The former Sheffield United chief executive said: "I've said a lot of things in 12 months. There isn't one thing that stands out that I think 'well, perhaps I shouldn't have said that'. Perhaps I shouldn't have said this was the worst Rangers team ever. Perhaps that wasn't a good thing to say. Was it true? Was it misleading? It wasn't said to win fans over. It wasn't said to win anyone over. The press say Charles Green says this to keep the fans onside. I don't."Meanwhile, Green defended his decision to sack Francisco Sandaza over comments made during a hoax telephone call that was broadcast online. Sandaza was tricked into revealing details of his contract and willingness to move during a long conversation with someone masquerading as an agent. The striker scored two goals in 17 games for Rangers after signing a three-year contract in August. Green said: "If Lionel Messi was a Rangers player and he was recorded saying 'I don't want to play for Rangers, get me a contract, I'll go and sign for another club, give it to me, don't go through the club,' I'd sack Lionel Messi. Anyone, it wouldn't matter. If anyone denigrates this club, if anyone has no respect for the badge, if anyone doesn't want to work here, then go. What we are going to do is make sure this club is not being reported for the wrong reasons or players stupid enough to make those comments to someone they've never met or never spoken to and make those disparaging remarks. It wasn't, to my mind, the issue he's told someone he was on £4,000 a week. My salary is on the internet. It's not about telling someone 'I'm on a salary'. It's the comments he made that said he would happily leave this club, he didn't want to be here and he came for the money. We want people here who want to play because it's Rangers."

Source: ScottishFitba


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