Green Fighting Any Player Moves Away From Rangers

03 July 2012 01:15
Legal eagles look to be the ones making the most money out of the Rangers situation. They will be working overtime with Charles Green fighting tooth and nail to retain players or get full value if they move.

Charles Green doubts if the likes of Steven Whittaker will be playing in Europe before his Newco Rangers. Whittaker signed for Norwich and Kyle Lafferty has joined Swiss side Sion are among the first of 10 players who objected to their transfer to Green's club to secure new deals with clubs. Green disputes the advice provided by PFA Scotland and their lawyers to the players that they are free agents under employment law.  Green is determined to secure transfer money for players refusing to transfer to the newco under TUPE regulations and has written to every league club in the UK warning them of the consequences of signing ex-Rangers players. With more and more clubs in Scottish football coming out against the idea of Green's club dropping to anywhere other than the Third Division,  Green accused the players of being motivated purely by money. He said: "Our lawyers will pursue these claims. We have written to every Premier League and Football League club in the UK telling them clearly that we see this as a breach of contract. We don't accept the advice the players have been given. If their career is to play in Europe that's never going to happen at the clubs they are signing for. If they are really looking at playing in Europe, they would stay at Rangers and play because the reality is that, before Norwich play in Europe, Rangers will be back in Europe. I don't accept that this is a career move - it's for financial gain, no other reason."