Green Asks UEFA For Help

17 July 2012 09:05
Charles Green is building up the airmiles as he tries to get Rangers on a sound financial footing.

Charles Green is to approach UEFA  for some help in reducing Rangers debts of around £3million owed to European member clubs.  Green is going to Zurich for a meeting with UEFA in to see if that figure can somehow be reduced.

The meeting with UEFA will be held after Green has flown to Athens to try to organise a fund-raising friendly with Olympiakos. Green said: "There are oldco debts to certain clubs and it's not inconsiderable, it's about £3million.

It's been accumulated as part of the historical baggage. They're oldco debts that newco has got to face up to. This is the frustration that we have had as a group where, at times we're newco so we have to sit in this particular box, however when it's convenient we're still oldco and we have to suffer the sins of the fathers.

I want to say to these clubs and UEFA we're here for the long haul - we want to be honourable and we are people who face up to responsibilities - but we'd like some help in meeting these debts.

We don't want them to be waived or expect them to be waived.(but) I'd like for clubs and UEFA to recognise these are not my debts. This is a gesture and (we'd like them) to work with us so we can amicably agree a settlement."


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