Glasgow City Play Valur And Hoops Have To Be Jumped Through

28 September 2011 05:26
The coaching manual does not include a chapter on dealing with the media It is bad enough being nervous ahead of playing one of your biggest games at club level in your life without having to be required to be presented to the assembled media to raise the profile of the tie. Hats off therefore to Caitlin Miskel, Gunnar Borgthorsson, Mist Edvardsdottir (all Valur Reykjavik), Eddie Wolecki Black and Leanne Ross (Glasgow City) who looked as if they wanted to be anywhere but sitting in front of a dozen or so journalists, Radio Clyde and seven photographers ahead of their Champions League game tomorrow night. The coaches from Valur and Glasgow City appeared to be more at ease at the media stuff but the women just looked as if they wanted to be getting on with the game or training. Ross was rushed to the media room directly from training and could have been excused if she decided to cry off and have a shower. However, all involved know they have work to do to raise the profile of the game and Ross in particular was willing to forgo the shower for photo, after photo, after photo.

  Miskel, being an American, was willing to offer some words but I don't think Edvardsdottir actually said anything apart from spelling her name. I don't blame her to be honest as I would be a bit tongue-tied on her situation. Both Icelandic players looked most relieved when the press conference was drawn to a conclusion and they could head out to the sunshine and await the rest of the team for some training.  The weather was perfect for training with just the usual breeze, due to Petershill Park's position on top of a hill, to make sure there was no overheating as the women warmed up. Both Edvardsdottir and Miskel looked a lot more relaxed as they were put through their paces by Borgthorsson and his colleagues on the coaching staff.


Club manager Laura Montgomery also looked a lot more relaxed after another item on her never ending list of things to be done around the game could be ticked off. She told me she had not slept for about a fortnight as she kept her finger on the pulse to ensure UEFA regulations were adhered to and her women were only having to concentrate on the game. On parting I said I hoped she enjoys the game tomorrow but I somehow very much doubt enjoy will be one of the emotions Laura suffers during the 90 minutes tomorrow night.