Get Your Facts Straight

12 November 2012 12:06
Dundee were not about to stand by as their fans were tarred with the wrong brush

Dundee have come to the defence of their supporters after some reports claimed some of their fans who travelled to Fir Park on Saturday did not respect the minute silence held before the game in advance of Remembrance Sunday. But CEO Scot Gardiner has moved to put the record straight via a statement on the club's website. The statement read: "Contrary to some unfortunate misreporting in certain Sunday newspapers, the Dundee fans present at Motherwell yesterday did not disrespect the minute silence held pre match in advance of Remembrance Sunday. When the teams came out yesterday our fans were giving us fantastic backing and were in full song when the barely audible tannoy almost immediately announced the minute silence. The players did not take to the centre circle for the minute silence as was expected and the tannoy announcer even continued speaking for a good 20 seconds after the referee had blown his whistle for the beginning of the minute silence. The instant our fans realised what was happening they stopped singing and observed the rest of the silence impeccably to a man and woman. The reporters erroneously reporting on the situation this morning would have heard, as I did, the Motherwell fans booing our fans as they sang. Those Motherwell fans clearly hadn't realised that our fans couldn't hear the announcement either. Dundee Football Club supports Poppy Scotland at every level of this Club, including our fans and anyone would know this if they had taken any notice of our actions at Dundee FC this week. This was a simple misunderstanding but sadly that didn't stop the misinformed match reports today. We expect better and our fans deserve better."

Source: ScottishFitba