Fans Hold Back On Buying Club

06 July 2012 10:37
The knock on effect of the 'no' vote from SPL,clubs on newco Rangers application will be felt across the Scottish football world

The St Mirren fans takeover of the club has been put on hold with the uncertainty over where sponsorship will come now that the SPL have voted no to newco Rangers joining the top flight. The 10000Hours group have the required commitment for the finance to take over the club after reaching their target three weeks ago. The group back the current board's decision to vote against newco Rangers' application and urged fans to buy season tickets now the outcome was certain. The statement from 10000hours read: "On behalf of our members we would like to add our support to the board of St Mirren Football Club and the rest of the SPL clubs for making a decision on the entry of the Newco into the SPL based on sporting integrity rather than self preservation. The club have done all they can. What happens now is in the hands of the SFA and SFL. We would hope that any fans who have held back from buying season tickets will now support the club in its hour of need. The money from these sales is essential to keep the club in funds until the sponsorship money is received from the SPL for the coming season." The statement also claimed that, while the purchase of St Mirren is not currently feasible, financial support will be offered. The statement continued: "There is, however, still obvious concern over how much money the club will receive from the SPL and when. As was indicated in the results of our recent poll the large majority of our members would want us to assist the club in ensuring that it continues to run on an even keel with little or no risk of redundancies, fire sale of players or in a worst case scenario, administration. Until we know the level of sponsorship money the club will receive this year it is obviously not possible, nor sensible, for us to conclude our purchase of the majority shareholding of the club. It is also difficult to gauge what level of financial support the club may need but rest assured that we, with your support and instruction, are willing to do everything in our power to assist the club in dealing with any potential threat to its future." Club chairman Stewart Gilmore also issued a statement in regards to the vote over newco Rangers and asked the supporters to back the team. His statement read: "As you will now be aware St Mirren Football Club today voted against the application by the Rangers Newco to be admitted to the SPL. This vote was part of an overwhelming rejection of the application by the SPL member clubs. It will now be left for the SFA and SFL collectively to decide where the Rangers Newco will play its football next season. Those organisations will make their decision in due course without any pressure from the SPL or its member clubs and we will fully respect whatever decision they make. We now hope that the St Mirren support will get fully behind the club and team as we prepare for the new season and start once again to focus on football matters."


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