Every Little Helps

19 May 2011 10:25
Match fitness is hard to maintain or achieve if you take too much of a break. The close season allows players to relax and recover from the little niggles they have put up with during the season. The prospect of pre-season training is far away but always a neccessary evil to get back to match fitness. Roddy McKenzie is looking to ease his fellow professionals into being ready for the hard graft that is pre-season training at their clubs by running a pre-season fitness camp at Strathclyde for a two week period starting on 30 May. Queen of the South’s goalkeeper McKenzie, who is a qualified personal trainer, wants to help players get back into tip-top condition before they return to clubs or before they take part in trial games or training in the hunt for new clubs. McKenzie said: "The camp will be available on a first come first served basis and it will run for four mornings a week. As well as conditioning work there will be some football involved and I have also enlisted the help of the local Esporta Gym as well as a physio and sports scientist to help out. My aim is to give the guys that come along the best chance of making a great start when they go to clubs for the new season. If this is a success I may look to do evening sessions for part-time players as well".