D-Day 15 April

12 March 2013 10:07
There will still be a lot of discussion ahead of the meeting in four weeks time over how the league structure should be formulated

SPL clubs will be meeting on 15 April ro decide on the proposed reorganisation of the league set up into a 12-12-18 format. Not all clubs will have made up their minds just yet and Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor for one remains worried about the impact of the proposed mid-season split in the SPL.  The meeting date was agreed during a lengthy meeting at Hampden yesterday. The current SPL voting structure needs an 11-1 majority to approve the plans, which would then need to be accepted by SFL clubs. However, MacGregor has reservations about how to sell the  new system to fans. His biggest concern is that fans might not buy season tickets when they do not know who their team will be playing when the top two divisions split into three groups of eight after 22 games.MacGregor said: "There is a lot of debate to go on yet and we will see how that goes. My concerns are for the fans. About 80 to 85 per cent of what is there I really believe in; one league body, redistribution (of money), more competitiveness, but I do feel for the fans who are asked to buy a 22-match season-ticket. That it is short-changing them and I believe that long-term, if that resolution is not sorted, it could be the end of people buying season tickets. The fan is the most important person, not the clubs, not anything else and I do believe that considering what the fans are getting is really important. But it is good, healthy debate. I must stress that and everyone in that room is very positive to get a resolution, so it goes ahead quite possibly."

Source: ScottishFitba