COOP: Footballer

12 September 2013 04:45
It is tragic to be able to read a biography of a talented footballer who died before he was forty.

A range of thoughts come to Scottish football fans minds when the name Davie Cooper is mentioned. He was a hero to fans of several teams each with their own memory of his skills in their colours. Copper was not a player to seek fame and fortune at all costs. He was a home buddy but won admirers around the world for his talent. Award winning sports journalist Neil Drysdale's latest book 'COOP' published today tells the story of Davie Cooper which paints a vivid picture on the enigmatic player who relished the big stage, yet never deserted his West of Scotland roots, remaining a true local hero. A man of prodigious talent who scored some of the most memorable goals in his country's history, he enjoyed an incredible career which was tragically cut short when he died from a brain haemorrhage at the age of 39 in 1995.'COOP The Life of Davie Cooper Scottish Football Hero' is published by Black and White publishing in paperback. ISBN 978184502637-0

Source: ScottishFitba