Cool Hand Thompson

27 April 2012 09:16
It is hard to remain objective when faced with difficult decisions but getting over heated helps no one.

Sound bites from various talking-heads in Scottish football have raised the temperature as Rangers wait to hear what the SPL have to say on their unfortunate situation on Monday. SPL board member Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson has called for "cool heads" before the 12 SPL clubs vote on whether to introduce tougher punishment for top-flight sides who go into administration or face liquidation. The proposals include increasing by 50% the number of points docked from clubs who go into administration from 10 to at least 15. If the best business decision for Rangers is to go into liquidation, a 'newco' club would be deducted 10 points for two seasons if accepted straight back into the league and lose 75% of their SPL income over three seasons. Thompson said: "Emotions are running very very high across all of Scotland at the moment. It is unfortunate the stage it has got to. It is a time for cool heads and a bit of reflection on everything that has happened and why have we got to the stage we have got to. It is not a great reflection on Scotland as a nation either so hopefully we can all just reflect on it and talk properly and sensibly about the whole thing and the way forward."


World Cup Group G

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