Can I Have My Hat Back Please

09 May 2013 12:56
Most unemployed managers can't wait to get back into the game.

It is unusual to hear of a manager taking his hat out of the ring when a new job comes along. However, the 'greatest ever' Albion Rovers manager Paul Martin has done just that after receiving congratulatory texts on his appointment as Director of Football at Cliftonhill. Martin was surprised as he had not applied for the job or had any discussions following Todd Lumsden being sacked last week and has no immediate plans to return to football a year after leaving following a health scare. Martin was given the ‘greatest ever’ sobriquet by former Chairman Frank Meade after he took the Coatbridge side to the Second Division via the play-offs two years ago and keeping them there via the play-offs last May. Martin said: "I got a texts at the weekend wishing me well in my new post. I am not sure where the story came from but I can confirm that I will not be returning to the club in any capacity. I loved my time at Albion Rovers and we had a great deal of success on a very small budget. My health is a lot better now but I am not looking to get involved in football at the moment as I am extremely busy with my roofing business. I am disappointed in what happened to Todd as only a few weeks ago he was under the impression that he would be in place next season. That has obviously changed and he is gone now. I may return to football one day but just now is not the right time but of course I wish Albion well in the future."

Source: ScottishFitba


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