Big Man Still Not Sure Of The Future

08 May 2013 02:58
It's a long way to fall if you can't trust your knee when you are Paul Millar

Elgin City are hoping to get a final diagnosis on the injury picked up by striker Paul Millar’s five weeks ago. He injured his knee against Clyde and the swelling has still not gone down. It was initially feared that the 6 foot ten inch striker would be out of action for a year due to a cruciate ligament problem. However a second look advised that the damage may not be as severe.Manager Ross Jack said: "It is a very frustrating time that has seen a few ups and downs for Paul. He was told that he was out for a long time and then told he might not be. He has also been told that he cannot get a proper timescale due to the inflammation around his knee. We are all hoping for double quick news in that the swelling goes down and that the injury is not as bad as we had been led to believe it was."

Source: ScottishFitba